Sunday, 6 May 2012

Easter Bunny Came and Went

Easter was a blur off painting and cleaning, we spent the 4 days of Easter at our investment property, we painted the whole house, carpets cleaned, oven fixed, garden tidied ready for the new tenants.

We have spent the later part of April unpacking, both what we had used while the knock down was happening and what we had stored in the sheds.

We have put up the light fittings we saved from the old house, a blind that fitted perfectly in the kids activity window, the rest of the windows have curtains, luckily the kid’s curtains fitted their new windows, and we bought 3 new curtains sets. 1 from Bunning’s for the master bedroom, 2 from Curtain Wonderland for the Home Theatre and Kitchen Windows.
We have gotten by with most of our existing furniture, a trip to IKEA for a new TV stand for the kids TV area being the exception, we have our pictures up which is a great step to help soften the display home feeling I got when we first moved in, after 3 weeks or so I still love the house and I would build again if I needed to.

The driveway is almost finished but those problems need a separate post, trying to slot a driveway between a power pole and a Telstra pit have been a nightmare.

Telstra Leadin
 Sorry for the lack of photos, my daughter took the camera on a visit to Grandma's and left it with Grandma, now I have it back I promise more photos less writing.

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