Monday, 23 April 2012

Were Back Online

Now I know why nobody blogs after they move in, it goes like this,

29th - Keys and hand over still no appliances,
MacDonald Jones don’t hand them over until they get there final payment, this is good for most people who build in a new estate and are doing their own floor coverings because you get to choose when they get delivered, so nobody can steal them while your home sits in the middle of nowhere without a neighbour in sight, but for us it was just painful, keys to house with no hot water or oven, ok we roll with it, let’s move in over the long weekend no problem

30th - Appliances get delivered, and I can catch up with my driveway guy, lovely chap, I called at least 5 when I was doing the pads for my man caves, he was the one who had no trouble with coming out and quoting the job what is now 12 months out,  we had been in contact and he had left me the last week before he went on holiday between Easter and Anzac day,  The cut would happen on the 3rd when I was at home getting the appliances installed, then council inspection on Wednesday then poor on Thursday then we would start moving in on Easter Friday.

Anybody seen the problem with this yet, yep that’s it wet concrete right up to the garage door across to the front door, no way to get anything in except down the mud pools down one the side of the house, keep rolling, on Friday 30th at 4.30pm the decision is made let’s move this Saturday, yep tomorrow, prepare and pack who needs that, I rang Kennard’s and they had a truck available, our friends and family that were going to help could make it, Done

So that was it we moved on Saturday, lots of mess no preparation, and very few things actually made it into boxes, everything heavy that we needed help to move and the truck for size was done. We used Sunday with 2 cars and a trailer to get clothes and all the small stuff.

Lucky for us the house we were living in was only 10mins away, 3 days of having showers at the other house, 2 take away meals and one using the electric fry pan got us to Tuesday when the oven, range hood, cooktop and HOT water were installed, yep a whole day off booked and everyone one was done by 9.00am,

Meanwhile ... The phone line was a classic, while the move was on I organised for the phone number to be moved back and the connection to the house, the exchange part happened quickly, Then I got a call at work on Monday afternoon, the guys who came out do the precabling check to the house,  the question from the Telstra contractor who was doing the pre inspection was a classic, expensive but classic,

Did I know where the lead in from the pit is?
Yep sure I said, from the pit it goes to the power pole then up the pole and across to my house on wires,
then came the expensive response, we can’t connect like that anymore, so now I needed to have approximately 16 meters of trench from the Telstra pit on one corner of my boundary to the cable inside the house on the other, (forgot that in my starry eyed looking over of the plans), So a quick check of Telstra’s web site confirmed that, yes I could dig the trench, I could get anybody I wanted to dig it, or the contractor Telstra had organised could do it the next day, I broke it down like this, I work in IT and 18 meter trench 500mm deep would take me the best part of a week, my driveway guy was already busy, or $400 and half a day later the Telstra contractor had it dug laid and back filled.

Meanwhile... we got the final price back on the driveway, which was more than we had left over in our building kitty, faced with the option of making the driveway smaller so we could afford it, it’s one of those things you need get done right and how you want it the first time, we looked at getting a small personal loan to help with the cost of a few other things, (I had forgotten about insuring the new house you move into, unexpected telstra trenches.), So when Monday afternoon arrived I had to make the call to my driveway guy that we didn’t have the money yet, but would mostly have it by the time he finished, we agreed that it would be better to wait until after he came back of holiday, just in case the bank said no a we didn’t have the money, this also gave us some time to check with Telstra about concreting around their pit, and if the council would let us get a little closer to the power pole.

The Irony wasn't lost, we didnt need to move the weekend before. Just keep rolling with it.

Meanwhile... So once the phone was on great I could get the internet connected no problem except that during my 5 to 8 business days fell Easter, lucky for me they got that done just after the Easter long weekend anyway.

If you made it this far its time for a break, I will try to post again later in the week.