Thursday, 29 March 2012

Keys glorious Keys

Today was a major milestone, lots of phone calls over the last week getting through some paper work a few sleepless nights waiting for problems.

This morning we officially moved from our old house  

and got the keys to the new house

I might be off the air for a while as we get our phone and Internet moved across, but I should be back and living in our brand new home.


  1. I only just found your blog and your beach house home is amazing - Congrats. My fiance and I are building the Havana in Glenmore Ridge though we are waiting for the land to register. I can not seem to find your colour selections on your blog and was wondering what colour is your colourbond roof?

  2. Our roof colour is DUNE
    Sorry about the lack of colours, we did our colour selections February 2011 before I started blogging the adventure, if you have the chance go for the ½ hour pre colour selection meeting, it was extremely helpful, one thing you might notice is that we had the option to choose every single detail, from what I have seen on other blogs, MacDonald Jones do some homes as part of package deal and you get a smaller colour selection
    Not sure if you have found this blog yet
    They are building a Havana One; they only had a limited choice of colours,

    I will try to get up a full colour selection in the next week or so.

    Regards Darrayn

    PS don’t be worried by the length of our build, the Havana One is a lot quicker to build then our design.