Thursday, 1 March 2012

Close but the posts moved

Another week sees more work completed, the tiler started today on the main living areas, and if the rain stops he will do the outside alfresco and front porch, He should be finished by early next week.

On the outside this week they covered the foam expansion joints, and the roof barrier came down, 

The plumber finished of inside, toilets, shower heads, taps and the bath, he still has the hot water heater, and rainwater tank, just think it would be full by now.

We also got a letter, McDonald Jones have claimed 2 extra days to take us out to the 20th March,
One for the plumber not being available and another for the Kitchen Bench. 

Looks like April before we will get in now.

Pics below

Black expansion foam covered up

Railing came down (as did the rain)

toilets are in

taps in the bathrooms - upgraded to flick mixers

Bath in the main bathroom (we removed the en-suite bath to have a bigger laundry)

Shower head and basket

upgraded water purifier tap

Kitchen sink (upgraded to the under bench option)

Kitchen Bench Top

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