Thursday, 29 March 2012

Keys glorious Keys

Today was a major milestone, lots of phone calls over the last week getting through some paper work a few sleepless nights waiting for problems.

This morning we officially moved from our old house  

and got the keys to the new house

I might be off the air for a while as we get our phone and Internet moved across, but I should be back and living in our brand new home.

Friday, 23 March 2012

Practical Completion Inspection

No major problems, just paint, gyprock and some mortar joint touch ups. Below are some close up photos of the kitchen.We now have a hand over date and we just need to organize the final details.


Yep still more kitchen

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Nerves of Steel

Another week and the nerves are totally shot,  we have a week of inspections and we should be in any time after that,
The SS went through on Friday and picked up a couple of things, the council come through on Monday, 
The McDonald Jones Area supervisor comes through on Tuesday, and I should have some inside photos on Friday when we get to have our first look inside in a couple of weeks.

Photos this week include the fly screens and carpet. They also have taken away our portaloo and done a site clean.

Fly Screens and Carpet

Fly Screen for the Stacker doors

Laundry Door
Carpet through the Window

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Views from the Man Cave

While taking a break from mowing the knee high lawn in the back yard, Yeah, 2 days of bright sunshine now the water tank is connected,  I enjoyed a drink from the man cave down in the back yard, all that's missing now is our big square clothes line (a Basix requirement), retaining wall, veggie patch, and to take the fence down.

View from the man cave

Water Tank connected
(I think I am now totally consumed by the house
posting photos of the water tank - just sad really)

Friday, 9 March 2012

Ready for the Big Clean

That's right, next stop clean house, clean yard, no more rubbish left lying around, Yeah

Still to go carpet, fly screens, water heater, final inspections by the the area manager and the most important the final inspections by US!

Yep its the front door again

a close up of the tiles

More Tiles - Out the Back

Out the back still

Close up 

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Photos on the outside

2 Days of sunshine and the tilers have done the outside,

Today we also have a kitchen splash back, it's actually white but the glass gives a subtle colour

The water tank which has been sitting under the porch of my man cave has come up to its final position, it was delivered before the build started because when the house was built there wasn't enough room to get it round the back. 

As usual the pictures follow

Back Alfresco

Water tank

Kitchen splash back

Yep more kitchen

Front porch

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Close but the posts moved

Another week sees more work completed, the tiler started today on the main living areas, and if the rain stops he will do the outside alfresco and front porch, He should be finished by early next week.

On the outside this week they covered the foam expansion joints, and the roof barrier came down, 

The plumber finished of inside, toilets, shower heads, taps and the bath, he still has the hot water heater, and rainwater tank, just think it would be full by now.

We also got a letter, McDonald Jones have claimed 2 extra days to take us out to the 20th March,
One for the plumber not being available and another for the Kitchen Bench. 

Looks like April before we will get in now.

Pics below

Black expansion foam covered up

Railing came down (as did the rain)

toilets are in

taps in the bathrooms - upgraded to flick mixers

Bath in the main bathroom (we removed the en-suite bath to have a bigger laundry)

Shower head and basket

upgraded water purifier tap

Kitchen sink (upgraded to the under bench option)

Kitchen Bench Top