Friday, 17 February 2012

One Month to Go

Yes folks less than one month to go.
This week was busy again, 
  • painters finished, 
  • we had a huge storm which blew down the front fence and a blanket of hale, 
  • site cleanup
  • sparky came to do the power points, lights, fans, etc, 
  • aircon guys paid us a visit as well, 
  • wardrobes have been fitted out
Just waiting on the kitchen bench top before the plumber can come back and finish off.
we have a least 2 weeks set aside for floor coverings which still leaves a couple of weeks to finish every thing else off.

Front Door after the film was removed

Main Bathroom Vanity
(can you believe I forgot to take the photo originally)

Painting is completed

what to do when the fence blows down in the storm
Take a photo then put it back up

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