Friday, 10 February 2012

Looking Fantastic

if I do say so myself, really I am not biased

The tiler finished the wet areas, as you can see the painters have been around all week,
dodging the rain and working around ankle deep water at times, they have finished painting the eaves, down pipes and  the front of the house. Still a little more work inside to be finished by Tuesday

It looks like the days of the metal fitted down pipe are long gone, I only noticed last week that builders have swapped this out for plastic down pipes which are then painted. I wonder if this is a water tank thing ?

In the street competition it looks like Dez and Beck are still close behind, ( lots of work going on in both houses over this week.

We also had a call today about the kitchen bench top, the EssaStone colour we picked wasn't available in the length we needed for the kitchen so we were given the option to change to an option without a join,

We are now getting Quantam Quartz - Polar instead of EssaStone - French Nougat

Front - bagged and painted

only the tiles to go

Lap Pool

 Garage Water Feature

Ensuite tiled
ensuite shower

main bathrrom shower

Brick work fixed up

Close up
Quantum Quartz - Polar


  1. Your house is looking great. I love the facade now the render is on. Love the lap pool too. Bet you can't wait to move in!

  2. Forgot to say that we were astounded too but the painted plastic downpipes!!!! To look at them you wouldn't know the difference. But I kind of felt a little cheated. I wonder if it is because of the water tank and charge system we have? Let's us know if you find out !

  3. Plastic down pipes are only used when you have a water tank according to WH as the water from the tank sits half way in the pipes and if metal would corrode. They only use metal in bush fire areas or with recycled water (grey water ) systems.

    1. Thanks anonymous, we have a water tank all hooked up so the plastic pipes make sense.