Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Photos from the Inside

Work has continued this week, showers, door handles, mirrors the pantry and linen cupboards have shelving now.  The finial is on so the guard rail should hopefully come down soon.

We asked about doing the drive way but our site super said it was McDonald Jones company policy not to allow this before handover, I will try and push a little more when my client liaison officer gets back of holiday. It's going to be hard to keep the house clean without the driveway. Plan B is to make a path from some pavers we took up before the knockdown.

the finial (the piece of wood that sticks up like a lightning rod)

Main bath vanity with mirror

Main Bath Shower

Main Bath Towel Rack

Main Bath vanity standing next to the bath

Smoke detector and Air con vent  (don't forget the details)

Our Door Handles (upgraded from standard but common in display homes)

Double doors into Kitchen

En-suite Towel Rail

En-suite Shower (one level up from standard)

En-suite from over by the toilet
wardrobe fit out (standard rail and shelf)
we had a lot of elfa baskets and shelves in our old house that we are going to reuse

Looking at the front door from the end of the hallway

Friday, 17 February 2012

One Month to Go

Yes folks less than one month to go.
This week was busy again, 
  • painters finished, 
  • we had a huge storm which blew down the front fence and a blanket of hale, 
  • site cleanup
  • sparky came to do the power points, lights, fans, etc, 
  • aircon guys paid us a visit as well, 
  • wardrobes have been fitted out
Just waiting on the kitchen bench top before the plumber can come back and finish off.
we have a least 2 weeks set aside for floor coverings which still leaves a couple of weeks to finish every thing else off.

Front Door after the film was removed

Main Bathroom Vanity
(can you believe I forgot to take the photo originally)

Painting is completed

what to do when the fence blows down in the storm
Take a photo then put it back up

Friday, 10 February 2012

Looking Fantastic

if I do say so myself, really I am not biased

The tiler finished the wet areas, as you can see the painters have been around all week,
dodging the rain and working around ankle deep water at times, they have finished painting the eaves, down pipes and  the front of the house. Still a little more work inside to be finished by Tuesday

It looks like the days of the metal fitted down pipe are long gone, I only noticed last week that builders have swapped this out for plastic down pipes which are then painted. I wonder if this is a water tank thing ?

In the street competition it looks like Dez and Beck are still close behind, ( lots of work going on in both houses over this week.

We also had a call today about the kitchen bench top, the EssaStone colour we picked wasn't available in the length we needed for the kitchen so we were given the option to change to an option without a join,

We are now getting Quantam Quartz - Polar instead of EssaStone - French Nougat

Front - bagged and painted

only the tiles to go

Lap Pool

 Garage Water Feature

Ensuite tiled
ensuite shower

main bathrrom shower

Brick work fixed up

Close up
Quantum Quartz - Polar