Sunday, 11 December 2011

Steam Rolling towards a Christmas Lock-up

December 1 saw the start of our inside work begin,

  • The electrical rough in was done
  • Eaves were started
  • Sliding door cavities installed
  • We had some brick cleaning done,

December 8 the Gyprock and a team of Gyprockers arrived

We spoke to our SS, he said that he was trying to get to lock-up before Christmas, and the Kitchen should be done in January,

With the Gyprock came a decision to change the Home Theatre and the Study back around, a quick measure  of our lounge and the size of the rooms meant that the Home Theatre was just to cramped, luckily the only extra cable we will need is the aerial which is easy to do after completion.

Front door

2 bedrooms up front

Ex home theatre, now the study 

ex study, now the home theatre

Gyprocking in the kids activity

Kitchen - dining

Home theatre, ex study

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