Sunday, 6 November 2011

Late Bloomers

Hi All, This introduction to the building blog is a little behind. We are due to finish the brickwork next week so we have a lot of information to be backdated, and we have had some good and bad moments, from our little building adventure. We our building a modified McDonald Jones Beach House Grange with a rear Home Theatre, which is funny because one of the first changes we made was to move the Rear Home Theatre. Below is the original plan from the MacDonald Jones Website, I noticed that they have a few more designs that address one of the problems with this design, (you had to go through the home theatre to get to the laundry)
Above is our final design we have views of the mountains from our back yard which is why our living areas are at the back and we extended the alfresco to wrap aroud the back. We are building a dream house to grow old in so some might say went a bit overboard on the extras, lots of upgrades, over the rest of our build I will try to add in some of the bits that were missing from the start,

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