Monday, 14 November 2011

Friday Eave

Gutters and Eaves were done on Friday, Always good to see progress.

Looks like Stockland played some cards close to their chest when signing people up at Glenmore Ridge, who would have thought in todays modern age that you have to ASK if there will be phone lines available when you move in.
Looks to me like Stockland are to cheap to run the infrastructure needed (some might say basic) instead they sign people up to new houses in a new estate without phone lines while waiting for the NBN to lay the fibre, catch up with some of the heated debates and reasons why
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  1. Hi neighbours,

    Saw the roof is now on and it looks great. The colourbond looks so good.
    We wanted it, but they were going to charge us heaps more for it.

    At least now you get to see all of your colour choices together.
    Looking good.

    Dez & Beck.

  2. Hi Guys,
    Thanks for the complement, we have been sweating to see the colours, we picked them in February , I love how the two of us live in the same street and picked the same template for our blogs