Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Lock Up Before Christmas

What a week for us
Gyprocking finished
Cornices finished
Internal doors done
Skirting boards almost done
Water proofing started

And the Laundry Door, Front Door, and tada the Garage Door, now all I need is a key so I could keep up with the progress inside.
Front entrance cornice
Front entrance cornice - close up

Water proofing en-suite

water proofing bathroom


Rear alfresco
Front door
Garage door

more garage door

Thursday, 15 December 2011

More Progress

This week sees the gable finished, 
more gyprocking and a meeting with our SS over some brick issues, all discussed and resolved.
More photos below

Gable in

Front entrance

main bed - ensuite to the left, robe to the right

front bedrooms looking through kids activity

Kitchen looking towards the back


Kitchen looking from the back

Home theatre 

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Steam Rolling towards a Christmas Lock-up

December 1 saw the start of our inside work begin,

  • The electrical rough in was done
  • Eaves were started
  • Sliding door cavities installed
  • We had some brick cleaning done,

December 8 the Gyprock and a team of Gyprockers arrived

We spoke to our SS, he said that he was trying to get to lock-up before Christmas, and the Kitchen should be done in January,

With the Gyprock came a decision to change the Home Theatre and the Study back around, a quick measure  of our lounge and the size of the rooms meant that the Home Theatre was just to cramped, luckily the only extra cable we will need is the aerial which is easy to do after completion.

Front door

2 bedrooms up front

Ex home theatre, now the study 

ex study, now the home theatre

Gyprocking in the kids activity

Kitchen - dining

Home theatre, ex study

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Checking for Crocodiles

After the roof went on what happened, a week of rain, so close to not having to worry about rain but so far,

One thing I did get a chance to do was to check the roof for leaks, I didn't expect to find any but it was raining and not much else was going on, I noticed that before the ridge cap went on the roofing guys had turned up the valley edges, a very important step for a Colourbond roof,  wind can force water up the valleys and into the house if they miss this step. It's a relief when a large step such as the roof gets done without any problems.

I also got another chance to see where we could put the Crocodiles down the side of the house,  or where the drainage problems will be when we move in.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

A roof to keep the rain out.... Sunny days ahead

We have a roof ......

For some one that has had more than a few rain delays this is good...... and bad
If only it would stop raining the brickies could fix the draft coming from the laundry wall not being completed and whoever does the eaves can get on and finish so the inside work can begin

For those into colours -
Roof  - Colourbond - Dune
Gutter - Colourbond - Dune
Face Brick - Austral - Whitsunday Carlisle
Mortar - Off-White - Ironed
Common Brick - Bagged and Paint - Taubmans - Manhatten
Facade - Country Cottage

Monday, 14 November 2011

Friday Eave

Gutters and Eaves were done on Friday, Always good to see progress.

Looks like Stockland played some cards close to their chest when signing people up at Glenmore Ridge, who would have thought in todays modern age that you have to ASK if there will be phone lines available when you move in.
Looks to me like Stockland are to cheap to run the infrastructure needed (some might say basic) instead they sign people up to new houses in a new estate without phone lines while waiting for the NBN to lay the fibre, catch up with some of the heated debates and reasons why
ourhouse theovingtons

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Magic Bricks

Wednesday the brickies ran out of bricks, I was expecting early next week before we could get some more, but a drive past today found bricks had already been delivered.

I think it's better to not ask where they came from.......

I have also managed to draw together our timeline, it's on a page of its own, being able to take pictures everyday and the email trail helped fill in the gaps, at least now I  know why it feels like forever since we started.

Some pictures of the front all bricked up including the garage

The small piers will have wooden posts attached, the plain bricks will be rendered

Bricks in a day

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Late Bloomers

Hi All, This introduction to the building blog is a little behind. We are due to finish the brickwork next week so we have a lot of information to be backdated, and we have had some good and bad moments, from our little building adventure. We our building a modified McDonald Jones Beach House Grange with a rear Home Theatre, which is funny because one of the first changes we made was to move the Rear Home Theatre. Below is the original plan from the MacDonald Jones Website, I noticed that they have a few more designs that address one of the problems with this design, (you had to go through the home theatre to get to the laundry)
Above is our final design we have views of the mountains from our back yard which is why our living areas are at the back and we extended the alfresco to wrap aroud the back. We are building a dream house to grow old in so some might say went a bit overboard on the extras, lots of upgrades, over the rest of our build I will try to add in some of the bits that were missing from the start,